An Evening with the Presidents: Get Ignited about Teaching and Learning Mathematics!

Opening Session

Wednesday, October 26, 2016: 5:30 PM-7:00 PM
West 301 A (Phoenix Convention Center)

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has been honored to have a variety of presidents who come from diverse backgrounds, geographic locations, and occupations. In an IGNITE session, seven past presidents will share their passion for teaching and learning mathematics. Each president gets 5 minutes to discuss with you what ignites their passion, using twenty slides that advance automatically every fifteen seconds, whether they are ready or not. Come ready to ignite your enthusiasm for teaching and learning mathematics as they quickly share theirs!

Diane Briars, Gail Burrill, Shirley Frye, Linda Gojak, Matthew Larson, J. Michael Shaughnessy, and Cathy Seeley


Check out this Storify linkread the compilation of tweets made during and after this session!

Ignite 1 – Shirley Frye
Constants & Variables Over The Decades [PDF]

Ignite 2 – Gail Burrill
Visualizing Mathematics: A Tool for Learning [PDF]

Ignite 3 – Cathy Seeley
Ten Kinds of Wonderful— Roles for Teachers of Mathematical Thinkers [PDF]

Ignite 4 – Mike Shaughnessy
Listening to and Nurturing Student Thinking about Mathematics: It can be Fantastik [PDF]

Ignite 5 – Linda Gojak
The Key to Student Engagement: Transforming a Traditional Lesson [PDF]

Ignite 6 – Diane Briars
Managing Our Messages [PDF]

Ignite 7 – Matt Larson
Balancing the Equation [PDF]

Session Presenters

Session Presenters

Each speaker was selected for their expertise and is guaranteed to offer you inspiration and innovation in their feature presentations.

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