A Hands-On Approach to Operations and Equivalent Expressions

Henri Picciotto

• 6–8 Session

Friday, October 28, 2016: 1:30 PM-2:45 PM
225 (Phoenix Convention Center)

Note the time and location!
They are changed from the ones announced in the program PDF and hard copy.

The Common Core and common sense both require an introduction to basic algebra in middle school, including equivalent expressions, a key concept involving the distributive law, like terms, and factoring. The Lab Gear manipulatives use a geometric context to help students transition from numbers to variables, and from the concrete to the abstract.

Handouts will be at http://www.mathedpage.org/nctm for a week or so.

Henri Picciotto

Henri Picciotto

Henri Picciotto, a math education consultant and author, has retired from the classroom after 42 years of teaching at every level from counting to calculus. He is interested in puzzles, manipulatives, and technological tools, and shares his ideas on www.MathEducationPage.org.

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