Understanding Addition and Subtraction through Modeling

Sara Delano Moore

I look forward to thinking with you about how we help young learners keep their energy and excitement for mathematics as we work with them to learn mathematics more formally.  My ignite session at the conference sets the stage for this session.  We’ll explore literature connections, the power of various manipulative models, and strategies for helping children think as mathematical storytellers.

The PDF version of the presentation is attached.  Please email me if you’d like the active version.



PreK-2 Workshop

Tuesday, November 1, 2016: 3:15 PM-4:30 PM
105 AB (Pennsylvania Convention Center)

Join us to learn about helping young children model real-world situations using addition and subtraction. We will share tools and strategies, including manipulatives and literature, for helping young children engage with rich problems in developmentally appropriate ways.

Sara Delano Moore

Sara Delano Moore

Dr. Sara Delano Moore is an educational consultant at SDM Learning. Sara focuses on helping teachers and students understand mathematics as a coherent and connected discipline. An experienced teacher and nationally recognized speaker, her work emphasizes the power of deep understanding and multiple representations for learning. Sara’s interests include building conceptual understanding of mathematics to support procedural fluency and applications, incorporating engaging literature into mathematics & science instruction, and connecting mathematics to engineering design in meaningful ways. Learn more about Sara's education and experience at sdmlearning.com.

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