Using Technology Strategically to Build Understanding of Crucial Math Concepts

Annie Fetter

Appropriate uses of technology can help students develop conceptual understanding of ideas such as multiples, fractions, and area by generating data and examining patterns. We’ll discuss what it looks like to use technology to develop conceptual understanding by presenting situations that let students “notice and wonder,” sense-make, and explore.

Session 447 Slides [pdf]

Session 447 Handout [pdf]

Here are links to the technology we explored:

Geoboard from the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Paper Pool Tool from NCTM’s Illuminations

Scale ‘n Pop from the Math Forum’s ESCOT Project

Here’s a link to the Storify story of the Tweets posted during the session.

Annie Fetter

Annie Fetter

Annie Fetter is the longest-tenured staff member at the Math Forum (which is now part of NCTM) and has worked at the Math Forum since before the Math Forum existed (that takes us back to before 1992). She worked on the project that produced the first version of the Geometer's Sketchpad® dynamic mathematics software and worked as a consultant for Key Curriculum Press for many years. Her current work focuses on the development of children's problem solving skills and increasing their willingness to engage in and make sense of mathematics. Her first Ignite talk, “Ever Wonder What They'd Notice? (if only someone would ask),” has been watched more than 19,000 times.

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