Professional Collaborative Inquiry: Creating Responsive Mathematical Experiences for Elementary Students

Janice Novakowski

The following is some information on the two collaborative professional inquiry projects that I will be sharing during the session.

Reggio-Inspired Mathematics: A Cross-District Collaborative Professional Inquiry

Our provincial association, the BCAMT, has provided grants to a project that facilitates cross-district professional inquiry into Reggio-Inspired Mathematics, looking at how these principles and practices might enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics in primary classrooms. The following are a collection of collaboratively written articles for our provincial journal, Vector.

BCAMT Vector 2014 Reggio-Inspired Mathematics

BCAMT Vector Fall 2015 Novakowski

BCAMT Vector Spring 2016 RIM

IMG_0374 copy IMG_6582 copy IMG_6553

Place-Based Mathematics: A K-7 School-Based Professional Inquiry

Teachers at Byng Elementary engaged in a two-year professional inquiry examining the ways place-based mathematics might enhance students’ engagement and interest in mathematics. This project was supported by a BC Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network grant.

Blog posts about the project can be found here and here and here.

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My presentation from my session on Thursday is available on slideshare at

Janice Novakowski

Janice Novakowski

Janice Novakowski is a teacher consultant for the Richmond School District in BC, Canada and a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia. She works alongside teachers and students in classrooms to develop engaging learning experiences that focus on mathematical thinking, inquiry and communication.

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