Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching: Learning through Content

Edward C. Nolan

In this session, you will join Ed, along with Juli Dixon and Thomasenia Adams, to explore tasks in which you make sense of mathematics and consider how to ensure that your classrooms, and the classrooms of your peers, are places where students expect to understand mathematics with depth. The theme of the presentation is the exploration of fraction multiplication, using high cognitive demand tasks and classroom video. You will consider how to embed these tasks within learning progressions and consider how to best support students in their classroom experiences. You will also consider how coaches can support this type of engaging learning experience.

Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching Handout

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Edward Nolan

Edward Nolan

Edward C. Nolan is the director of mathematics, PreK-Grade 12 for Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland. He is the president of the Maryland Council of Supervisors of Mathematics. Mr. Nolan is also a co-author on the Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching series (Solution Tree, 2016) and a leader of Dixon Nolan Adams Mathematics.

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