Explore Variability and Inference with Student-Generated Data

Bob Lochel

I hope you enjoy this session on hands-on activities for exploring variability and inference.

NCTM 2016 Tasks

NCTM 2016 resource

Stats for Middle School

Extra: Comparing Graph Types.  12 graphs are given.  First, encourage students to use appropriate vocabulary to describe each graph.  Then, reveal that the graphs represent only 4 data sets (there is a boxplot, dotplot and histogram for each).  Challenge students to locate the trios.

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Bob Lochel

Bob Lochel

Bob Lochel has been a high school teacher at Hatboro-Horsham HS outside of Philadelphia for 17 years, with a focus on AP Statistics, and is an AP Stats reader. He has also served as an instructional coach in his school district. Bob is vice-president of his local NCTM affiliate (ATMOPAV), presents often at his local statistics teacher circle, and served as team lead at the Siemens STEM Institute with Discovery Education for 3 years.

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