Plan a Killer Lesson Today

Kate Nowak

• 9–12 Session

Friday, November 20, 2015 | 8:00-9:00 a.m.
Broadway Ballroom E (Omni Nashville)

The eight Mathematics Teaching Practices outlined in Principles to Actions describe high-yield features of an incredible math lesson. But what do these lessons look like in practice? How do you turn your ho-hum or downright yawner of a lesson into an engaging experience that students remember? We’ll see examples and guidelines that can help resurrect any lesson.

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On strategies for getting more kids to try

There was a question at the end of the session, “What do you do about the kids who try to wait you out?” I didn’t provide a very good answer to that. And I don’t know the woman who asked it, so if anyone sees this and knows her, it would be great if you could send her a link to this page. One suggestion from another participant was to assign “groups points” while you observe the groups working. I wanted to share this post about “participation quizzes” which is one way to think about managing that. It’s a structure for communicating expectations to students as they participate in group work. Another suggestion I thought about after the session was that there are big payoffs to be had by attending to culture and expectations. That’s a big topic, but a couple great books that dig into that idea more are Powerful Problem Solving by Max Ray and Strength in Numbers by Ilana Horn. Also check out Elizabeth Statmore’s talking points routine. I don’t think there are any magic bullets, unfortunately, but hopefully those resources will give you some ideas.

Kate Nowak

Kate Nowak

Kate Nowak is the Content Lead at Illustrative Mathematics where she is working on a middle grades OER curriculum. She taught high school mathematics for eight years in New York and Virginia and writes the blog f(t).

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