What We Talk about When We Talk about Thinking . . . Online

Max Ray-Riek

• General Interest Session

Thursday, November 12, 2015 | 9:30-10:30 AM
Room L100 ABCJIH (Minneapolis Convention Center)

Description: NCTM identified eliciting student understanding and using it to inform instruction as one of the eight effective teaching practices. A panel of teachers will share the joys and frustrations of sharing and analyzing student work online. We’ll talk about the transformative power of online collaboration, and why bringing student work online matters.

Meet the Panelists:

Casey Rutherford: a high school physics and math teacher from Minnesota, who tweets as @rutherfordcasey and blogs at http://learningandphysics.wordpress.com/ about his students thinking and his classroom, and particularly about the Modeling approach to physics, in which students, through experimentation, dialogue, and mathematical modeling, refine their understanding of physics concepts and skills. He blogged about a virtual PLC for looking at student work online here: https://learningandphysics.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/a-physics-plc-collaboration-at-a-distance/

Megan Schmidt: a high school math teacher from Minnesota, who tweets as @veganmathbeagle and blogs at http://mathybeagle.com/ about her student’s thinking, her teaching, and her values (like openly discussing race and racism, gender and sexism, in math classroom; or being open with each other about our struggles and kind and generous to one another.

David Wees: a math formative assessment specialist from New York (most recently), who tweets as @davidwees and blogs at http://davidwees.com/ about lots of important topics, like routines for supporting kids to make sense of problems and make their thinking visible, or, particularly appropriate to this panel, a series on using student ideas.

The Materials:

Max Ray-Riek

Max Ray-Riek

Max is a Professional Collaboration Facilitator at The Math Forum, and the author of the book Powerful Problem Solving. Max is a former secondary mathematics teacher who has presented at regional and national conferences on fostering problem solving and communication and valuing student thinking.

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